[PD] Granular Cross-fader

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Fri Jan 12 19:07:10 CET 2007

Kevin McCoy a écrit :
> Oh shoot... can you explain that more?  I understand convolution in
> reverb but how might that work in a crossfader?
> km
>> Why granular? Why not a convoluting crossfader rather?
 The idea is about filtering one track with the spectral enveloppe of 
the other one, and vice-versa,
The crossfade would pass progressively  from one track to another, but 
instead of having mixed tracks
at the center, there would have the convolution between the tracks:
 There is a bad side, because this kind of effect can only affect the 
filtered sound in real time.

There is an approach of this in I06.Timbre.stamp.pd


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