[PD] Pduino: change read speed

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sat Jan 13 03:31:09 CET 2007


i recently ordered two arduino boards and now i try my first steps with
it. i downloaded Pduino-0.2 and uploaded the firmware to the chip. i
encountered a little, but sometimes annoying problem, when using the
board with [arduino]-object. when i enable one or more analog inputs,
the arduino sends so much data, that data sent from computer to arduino
gets delayed, sometimes up to 10 seconds. this makes it impossible for
me to use the outputs, while using the analog ins at the same time. i
use the [arduino]-object as it is (with the hardcoded baudrate of
115200) and i connect the arduino-board directly to one of my laptop's
i counted the messages i receive from the the analog input, when i
enable it:
1 analog input enabled:  ~960 values/s 
2 analog inputs enabled: ~480 values/s per input
3 analog inputs enabled: ~320 values/s per input 
(and so on)

would it be easy to change the code of the firmware, so that it sends
the values of each analog input with a fixed rate (e.g. 100 Hz)?

i am not a c programmer, anyway i tried to search for kind of a delay
function in the code, but couldn't find anything. am i right in
assuming, that as it is now, it cycles through the code and sends each
time the values with the maximum possible rate, or in other words: there
is no speedlimit in the firmware? if so, how hard would it be to
implement kind of a speedlimit on the arduino-side?

any suggestions are welcome.


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