[PD] Pduino: change read speed

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 13 07:17:28 CET 2007

Roman Haefeli wrote:
> hello
> i recently ordered two arduino boards and now i try my first steps with
> it. i downloaded Pduino-0.2 and uploaded the firmware to the chip. i
> encountered a little, but sometimes annoying problem, when using the
> board with [arduino]-object. when i enable one or more analog inputs,
> the arduino sends so much data, that data sent from computer to arduino
> gets delayed, sometimes up to 10 seconds. this makes it impossible for
> me to use the outputs, while using the analog ins at the same time. i
> use the [arduino]-object as it is (with the hardcoded baudrate of
> 115200) and i connect the arduino-board directly to one of my laptop's
> usb-ports. 
> i counted the messages i receive from the the analog input, when i
> enable it:
> 1 analog input enabled:  ~960 values/s 
> 2 analog inputs enabled: ~480 values/s per input
> 3 analog inputs enabled: ~320 values/s per input 
> (and so on)
> would it be easy to change the code of the firmware, so that it sends
> the values of each analog input with a fixed rate (e.g. 100 Hz)?
You could always run at a baud rate like 1200, so the arduino is not 
able to send more than 120 bytes per second.


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