Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 13 09:20:40 CET 2007

Rune Lain Knudsen a écrit :
> I'm making a sort of datastructure array/envelope which outputs messages for either line~ or vline~ objects(you can choose with a message). I'm not 100% done with it but I'm sending what I have now so you can see&feedback. It's made only with pd-core objects(I think, let me know if not) and I'm planning to incorporate a sustain function too, but that's not done yet. The goal is to have a sustain function that can loop between more than one point, kind of inspired by the envelopes in FastTrackerII if I remember correctly. Let me know if I should add any more functions!
> -fluxrotator
Hello, I am afraid it is not an adsr. ADSR only have four parameters,
it also looks like envgen from ggee,
 what this patch will be used for?
What's a "sustain function that can loop between more than one point" ?
Since the invention of ADSR, we sometimes use it for making a waveshape, 
maybe it's about that?


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