[PD] Granular Cross-fader

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Sat Jan 13 13:51:49 CET 2007


this is from IRCAM and it is beat-synchronised, so just to give another 


Kyle Klipowicz wrote:
> Hello listers~
> There's been a void of conversation on the list, so I thought I'd
> pitch my latest idea for a Pd tool:  a granular cross-fader.  I'm in
> the pre-planning phase right now, and would love to get some
> ideas/suggestions for how to implement this.
> Basically what I'd like to have is similar to a DJ cross fader, but
> using granular methods to stochastically mix two (or more) signals
> using various common granular ideas (pitch shifting, time stretching,
> grain size, randomness parameters, overlap, etc.).  This would make
> transitions much more exciting from a DJ end as well as when mixing
> two or more signals on a DAW.
> What are your immediate thoughts/reactions to this?
> ~Kyle

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