Jerome Tuncer columbiatwo at free.fr
Sat Jan 13 17:05:03 CET 2007


I think this is a good idea. I'd use the patch for instance (-:

As for the multi-point sustain zone, I like it as well but it would need 
one important feature _in my opinion_: the ability not only to define 
the n sustain points but also to specify a different time base for the 
sustain zone. I'll try and explain it as clear as possible: "typical" 
(as long as one accepts the use of such a word in music) attack times 
for instance are usually located in the 5-200 ms range whereas the kind 
of amplitude modulation I'd like to have with such a feature 
(multi-point sustain looping) are more in the 0.5-2Hz (500-2000ms) range 
(my primary interest in this case being rather to create a smooth 
amplitude modulation than a "ring-modulation like" effect).

So in the case of creating a envelope GUI (let's call it envelope and 
even break point envelope rather than AnDnSR (-:) this is something I 
would consider: the ability to draw some parts of the envelope in one 
time range and some other in other parts. Typically A and D in the 
1-1000ms range then (multi-)S and R in the 500-2000ms (in my current case).

Just exposing my thoughts and ideas. But if you implement such a thing, 
I'd definitely use it (-;



Rune Lain Knudsen a écrit :
>> Hello, I am afraid it is not an adsr. ADSR only have four parameters,
>> it also looks like envgen from ggee,
> You can set the envelope to four points if you want to. I just wanted to have the option of having something more advanced than an adsr(aadddsrrr for example).
> I haven't tried envgen but as far as I know it's an external. This is a native pd-patch and I kinda like it that way because it's quicker to get it up and running on any platform without thinking about compiling/finding a binary etc.
>> what this patch will be used for?
> adsr(once I get the sustain into the patch)
> and lfo's and maybe some sequencing.
>> What's a "sustain function that can loop between more than one point" ?
> As I said this isn't done yet but I'm thinking of a sustain that, instead of stopping at one point, goes back and forth between two-three points. That way you can have slight dynamics in the sound when holding down a key as well.
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