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Patco hat gesagt: // Patco wrote:

> Rune Lain Knudsen a écrit :
> >You can set the envelope to four points if you want to. I just wanted to 
> >have the option of having something more advanced than an adsr(aadddsrrr 
> >for example).
> >  
> Since sixty years of electronic music the need for an enveloppe 
> generator  with more than the four usual parameters has not been 
> necessary, why would we need now an aaddsrr, what's the interest?

Um, sorry, but that's not true: Even the early Music N saw the need to
be able to define arbitrary length break point envelopes. Usually
these are called "GEN" functions with a number afterwards. The ADSR so
popular on commercial synths is just a simplied (some say:
dumbed-down) version of a breakpoint GEN-function. And even the most
popular hardware synth, the DX7, didn't have simple ADSRs but slightly
more complex and powerful envelopes.

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