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Sun Jan 14 14:34:22 CET 2007

Frank Barknecht a écrit :
> Hallo,
> Patco hat gesagt: // Patco wrote:
>> Rune Lain Knudsen a écrit :
>>> You can set the envelope to four points if you want to. I just wanted to 
>>> have the option of having something more advanced than an adsr(aadddsrrr 
>>> for example).
>> Since sixty years of electronic music the need for an enveloppe 
>> generator  with more than the four usual parameters has not been 
>> necessary, why would we need now an aaddsrr, what's the interest?
> Um, sorry, but that's not true: Even the early Music N saw the need to
> be able to define arbitrary length break point envelopes. Usually
> these are called "GEN" functions with a number afterwards.
I've been looking a little bit for it but it's a little painfull to find 
something about sound generation, Csound
apparently has a feature called GEN function but it looks very similar 
with just filling an array, right?
>  The ADSR so
> popular on commercial synths is just a simplied (some say:
> dumbed-down) version of a breakpoint GEN-function.
That makes sense, popular and commercial synth needed a standart and 
called it ADSR,
 but if musicians needed something more complex, why aren't there more 
synthetizers with this kind of feature?
The shape of an enveloppe depends on what we want to do with,
for example in drum boxes, the release is not necessary,
 even the sustain has been removed from most popular synth like the 
>  And even the most
> popular hardware synth, the DX7, didn't have simple ADSRs but slightly
> more complex and powerful envelopes.
I am not sure about that, DX7 has the usual ADSR, and level,
 maybe the powerfull side is that we can edit a pitch and amplitude 
envelope for each operator,


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