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> I am not sure about that, DX7 has the usual ADSR, and level,

No, it has a unique envelope generator which used  four pairs of
"levels" and "rates" to be specified. This is more aking to a
breakpoint envelope in the traditional sense, but it can be used to
simulate an ADSR. Quoting the manual (pg 26, available here:

  NOTE If you are familiar with analog synthesizers that
  have Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelope genera-
  tors (ADSR EGs), you may recognize the line defined
  by R1 and L1 as the "attack" portion of the envelope.
  There are parallels between a conventional ADSR EGs
  and the DX7's EGs. However the DX7 envelopes are
  much more flexible than ADSR types because the DX7
  offers 8 precisely programmable parameters (R1, L1,
  R2,L2. R3,L3, R4, L4) instead of 4 (A-D-S-R). I t ' s not
  really important for you to understand ADSR enve-
  lopes when you're programming the DX7, but if you
  already do and are curious about the comparison, see
  the envelope discussion in the Advanced Program-
  ming Notes section of this manual.
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