[PD] OT: video automated compsiting

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Sun Jan 14 19:09:51 CET 2007

hi list,

i need advice or a contractor for the following programming work:

there is a battery test, where batteries are tested for safety.
batteries are overcharged and exposed to pressure.
one test can take up to 9 hours.
the test is put on video by a hard disk video camera which produces  
movie pieces of 1.99 GB each.

here are some examples (edited)


from the test 7 sensors take data and save it in an table

this is the device taking the data JUMO LOGOSCREEN cf

it stores the values on a cf-card / send it over serial port.

the final thing should be a movie file with the sensor data  
visualized on top of it as a kind of overlay.

the visualization and compositing should be an automated process.
also the most of the time nothing happens in the video. in this case  
(sensors don't report a sudden change of values) the video should be  
displayed in fast forward.

what should be developed is a software which creates the visual  
overlay for the video data.
sync with the video data should be ensured.

ok. any advice on how to approach this is very welcome.

if you think you would like to do this as a contract, please answer  
me privately and include price and development time needed.

it its kind of last minute, because there is a meeting with the  
customer tomorrow (in 6 hrs) so if anyone is interested react  
quickly. price can be an estimation but should include a maximum.


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