[PD] floathotel and/or maphash and compiling for OS X

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Sun Jan 14 22:57:23 CET 2007

>>> Hallo, Phil Stone hat gesagt: // Phil Stone wrote:
>>>> > Has anyone compiled Orm Finnendah*l*'s floathotel and/or maphash objects 
>>>> > for Mac OS X Intel?  see:
>>>> > 
>>>> > http://icem-www.folkwang-hochschule.de/~finnendahl/pd.html
>>>> > 
>>>> > They don't seem to be in Pd-extended, unless I've missed them.
>>> You can build your own floathotel as an abstraction easily. Basically
>>> it's already done with the [list-extend] and [list-find] abstraction
>>> that are part of the [list]-abs collection in CVS and pd-extended.
>>> Ciao
>>> -- Frank Barknecht _ ______footils.org_ __goto10.org__
>> That's great news, thanks, Frank.  However, what are these "list-extend" 
>> and "list-find" objects you speak of?  I don't see it in my list-abs 
>> collection (PD 0.39.2-extended-test7, Mac i386, Jan. 5) -- was it a very 
>> recent addition to list-abs?
>> Phil Stone
>> UC Davis
> OK, I see them there in CVS, but that puts me back to my original 
> problem, of compiling for OS X.  Or have they found there way into the 
> nightly builds of PD-extended in the last few days?
> Phil

OK, duh, sorry! I just realized they are abstractions, so never mind 
about the compiling! What a dummy I can be.


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