[PD] pictures from a digital camera

raphy.ilias at free.fr raphy.ilias at free.fr
Mon Jan 15 16:04:08 CET 2007

Hello !

I'm working on an installation which displays a GEM video. This video is
generated with pictures taken by a digital camera and some random tools. At
this state, the patch just loads photographs from the harddrive with the object
[pix_image] or [pix_multiimage]. Now,  i'd like to insert new photographs in the
video, while the patch is running. In fact, the installation should be a
real-time video and a digital camera which lets the spectator free to take a
photograph of himself, and being automatically integrated as new material for
the patch to generate video.
That's the idea. Now, I don't know if there's a way to control a digital camera,
or a videocamera (maybe it's easier, with the firewire protocol) to make it take
a picture which can be then stored in a GEM object. All I've got is a USB
digital camera (for photo) and a DVcamera (so with a firewire link). I'm not
interested in having a huge resolution, 640x480 is the maximum (because I
haven't got a very fast computer and I prefer to have lot of photographs (I
hope there will be a lot of spectator !)). Is it possible to control theses
devices with pd, or to create an external program (in a different language)
which communicates with pd. Is there documentation about this ?
Another question : I'm now working with the pure:dyne (I think you know it). I'd
like to display the Gem window in fullscreen on an external
monitor/videoprojector. I manage to get an « extended desktop » (with Xinerama)
but not to display the gemwin on the external monitor : with [fullscreen 1( it
is always displayed on my laptop, and with [fullscreen 0( the video of the Gem
window is no more rendered when i pass it on the external screen. I tried lots
of settings in my xorg.conf, but it never worked more than once (if it works
one time, it doesn't anymore when i restart X). I think Gem refers to the
Screen 0 to choose where it is displayed, but even if i define the external
screen as the Screen 0,  it doesn't work, the « display screen » or the «
rendering buffer » remains on my laptop. My graphic card is a Intel 855 GME, so
i'm using i810 as driver. Has anyone got the same problem ?

Thanks a lot and sorry again for my newbie's questions,


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