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Mon Jan 15 22:14:07 CET 2007

Selon Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>:

> Hallo,
> IOhannes m zmoelnig hat gesagt: // IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> > raphy.ilias at free.fr wrote:
> > > Hello !
> >
> > > Another question : I'm now working with the pure:dyne (I think you know
> it). I'd
> > > like to display the Gem window in fullscreen on an external
> > > monitor/videoprojector. I manage to get an « extended desktop » (with
> Xinerama)
> > > but not to display the gemwin on the external monitor : with [fullscreen
> 1( it
> > > is always displayed on my laptop, and with [fullscreen 0( the video of
> the Gem
> > > window is no more rendered when i pass it on the external screen. I tried
> lots
> > > of settings in my xorg.conf, but it never worked more than once (if it
> works
> > > one time, it doesn't anymore when i restart X). I think Gem refers to the
> > > Screen 0 to choose where it is displayed, but even if i define the
> external
> > > screen as the Screen 0,  it doesn't work, the « display screen » or the «
> > > rendering buffer » remains on my laptop. My graphic card is a Intel 855
> GME, so
> > > i'm using i810 as driver. Has anyone got the same problem ?
> >
> > this should be a problem with your gfx card (though i have no experience
> > with your specific model; probably frank can help you here)
> ...
> > there is nothing you can do about this, but:
> > a) try to mirror the output of the built-in screen to the external
> > screen. this way you have less possibilities to interact with your patch
> > (since your primary display is occupied by the fullscreen gem window),
> > but at least you might get output.
> Well, how to set up the PIPEs on Intel chips still is a mystery to me
> as well, so I'm avoiding it. I also don't use Xinerama, but instead
> just rely on your solution a) which is the default setup anyways for
> xorg AFAIK. My laptop has a special key which cyccle between
> disabled/enabled builtin screen/VGA output like (builtin on, vga off),
> (b off, vga on) and (b on, vga on). Normally I then get the same image
> on both screens and all is well (unless a Ben-Q beamer is connected to
> VGA, as these seem to dislike my laptop.)
> Ciao
> --
>  Frank Barknecht                 _ ______footils.org_ __goto10.org__

Thanks IOhannes and Frank !

So, if i understand (as my french-english is quite bad), there's no solution to
get the gemwin on the external screen and the patch on the laptop screen, with
that type of card. I had managed to display "clone" and "extended" screen. But
under windows 2K (glups !) i can get an extended desktop and the video is
rendered (for example, with VLC player) on the external screen. Maybe this
because this is not OpenGL. In this case, couldn't it exist a trick to render
it as non-3D (wich doesn't interest me, i'm doing 2D with Gem, because i know
it better) or something like passing it from Gem to pdp ? If I remember well
the workshop i did, there's something like gem_to_pdp... Or should I use pdp in
case of Gem ?

About the Intel Graphics, I heard that Intel had just made their drivers more
open, dont't they ? Do you think, there will be more support for these cards
later with linux ?

However, now, I'll try with my girlfriend laptop ; i hope her graphic card is
different !

Thanks once more

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