[PD] Re: connect pd and max in network??

Jaime Oliver jaime.oliver2 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 04:14:29 CET 2007

/////////////// Sorry If I double posted this e mail, but i'm not sure
if it got through since i was changing e mail adresses ///////////////

Hello Andrés,

I have recently tried to accomplish that same thing, in my case to
send messages from Max to Pd in the same machine. (just so that we are
on the same track I'm using OSX 10.4.8 PowerPC G4 1.67GHz 512MB, Max
4.6.2 and Pd 0.40-1)

Now I still haven't tried OSC, but netsend/netreceive in UDP gave me
messages in the max window of this sort:

netsend: warning: blocked 17 msec

but I have gotten messages up to 282ms. this behaviour is quite
erratic, sometimes it is 16-17 for a while and then suddenly 85, 156,
256, etc.

Now this is the answer I got in the max-list from Olaf Mathes who i
believe made or maintains these objects for Max...

> Right. It just means that delivering the messages took 17 milliseconds.
> You get a waring for every attept to send that takes longer than 5 ms.
> However, the data gets through anyway, if not you'd get a warning
> telling you so.
> I will probably update netsend ibn a few days because I think it uses
> the wrong time functio (systime_ms()) to figure out how long sending
> takes. I will change this to clock_getftime() because I have the slight
> feeling that ntsend is complaining far too often.

So... I have tried to send only one or two floats every 50ms and it
complains very little, but i am not trusting netsend too much right
now... let me know how it works for you...

good luck,


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