[PD] [lanbox] and [tcpclient]

Oli44 oli44 at manga-burgah.net
Wed Jan 17 18:18:11 CET 2007

IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote ..

> hi.
> please always reply to the mailing list, unless it is something very
> private...

hello world ;-)

> >>>  I cant find a working [tcpclient] for Linux (Debian sid) nor for
> >> OSX in order to communicate with the Lanbox. Any idea or link?
> >> hi.
> >> where have you looked for [tcpclient]?
> >> try http://pure-data.cvs.sourceforge.net/pure-data/externals/mrpeach/net/
> > i've downloaded it, since i'm a very average Linux user, I havent managed
> to compile!

Now, I managed compiling it using the most bandwidth consuming method, that is, I checked out the whole CVS, then the "Make" command in the ~/puredata/cvs/externals/mrpeach/ directory ran without a glitch.

Now i've got a working [tcpclient] therefore a working [lanbox] : fiat lux!
I'll work the osX version tomorrow.

Thx a lot,


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