[PD] polypoly's second inlet

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jan 18 23:35:06 CET 2007

Hello listers (and Frank B. in particular),

I've been converting a PD synth I've been using from an [nqpoly] voice 
manager to Frank's new [polypoly].  Mostly, it's working well for me, 
but one thing about it seems less than optimal, and I wonder if it is 

The first inlet sends its {note, amp} pairs to one and only one instance 
of the polypoly'd abstraction.  The second inlet broadcasts its message 
to *all* instances (see attached patch for simple illustration).

I can see reasons for wanting it to work that way, so if it was 
intentional, so be it.  It would work much better for my selfish 
purposes -- I like to send a big list of parameters to the voice that's 
about to be fired off -- if it only connected to the same instance that 
the first inlet connects to.

(As an aside, it occurs to me that [polypoly] would be much more 
generalizable if the first inlet could send a list *of any size* to the 
poly-allocated abstraction, instead of a hardwired {note, amp} pair.  
Then I would be happy to see the second inlet be "global", because I 
wouldn't need it anymore.  I'd just send a big list, including note and 
amplitude as well as all my other parameters, to the first inlet.  The 
drawback is that this would require a custom version of [poly], since 
[poly] assumes {note, amp} pairs.)

I get lost in the auto-creates and auto-connects in [polypoly]'s 
innards, so I can't figure out how to play with this.  I'm awfully 
grateful for this powerful object, though.  If I can get it working, my 
synthesizer patch will work great for process music (which is all nqpoly 
can really do), *and* live playing.  Thanks, Frank.

Phil Stone
UC Davis
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