[PD] slowly load a pd-patches/abs without dropouts

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Sat Jan 20 13:33:01 CET 2007

> i'd like to open patches or dynamically create abstractions during a
> performance
> without having dropouts. that's why i'm trying to build a system that
> slowly
> loads a patch.
> instead [; pd open patch-name.pd path( or [; pd-subpatchname obj 10 10
> abstraction-name args( it reads the patch with [textfile] and creates
> the objects
> slowly line by line. 

thomas grill's dyn~ external is supposed to load objects similarly
(actually, i'm not up to date, if he only had the idea, or if he
actually implemented this ...

but delayed object creation does only handle the first bottleneck. when
more complicated dsp patches are constructed this way, the dsp chain
needs to be rebuild whenever the dsp graph is changed, which causes
audio dropouts if your patch has a certain complexity...
so this solution is not really scalable ... 

cheers ... tim

tim at klingt.org    ICQ: 96771783

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  Morton Feldman
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