[PD] slowly load a pd-patches/abs without dropouts

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sat Jan 20 15:25:24 CET 2007


personally, i think it is not worth that much effort. unfortunately
creating a patch dynamically is NOT the same as 'executing' each line of
the pd-file. this makes slow dynamic creation much more complicated than
necessary. also, in order to follow your rule to do EVERYTHIN slowly,
you would have to turn every instance of an abstraction into an subpatch
and therefore you would need to parse all dollararguments and convert
them to their appropriate values. probably there are many problems more,
which don't come to mind right now.

this approach is like netpd started in the beginning, but it turned out,
that this adds too much complexity. 

anyway, i think that these kind of problems shouldn't be solved in the
userspace, but in pd itself, since that is a general problem. it would
be interesting, if there is ever a chance, that pd loads patches without
dropouts or if this is impossible by design. there are other similar
problems, that cause dropouts, which might be easier to solve like
dropouts on full network buffer or writing and reading files. 


On Sat, 2007-01-20 at 11:56 +0100, Enrique Erne wrote:

> hi list
> i'd like to open patches or dynamically create abstractions during a performance
> without having dropouts. that's why i'm trying to build a system that slowly
> loads a patch.
> instead [; pd open patch-name.pd path( or [; pd-subpatchname obj 10 10
> abstraction-name args( it reads the patch with [textfile] and creates the objects
> slowly line by line.
> a problem was to rebuild the exact order of the subpatches. as far as i tested it
> works now. if a patch doesn't load correctly please let me know and send it to me.
> to identify subpatches and place the objects in the right place it adds a number
> in front of the sub-patch name like this: [pd *id*-subpatchname].
> -- just found out there is a msg [; pd-subpatchname rename newname(, after
> renaming the sub-patch to it's original names the is no visual update, besides
> that it works fine.
> an other problem was with the array from Menu / Put / Array. it loads now even
> with content.
> any comments are welcome.
> eni

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