[PD] no text support in gem under OSX

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Jan 20 19:12:11 CET 2007

maciej wojnicki wrote:
> hello list
> I have a problem with this message:
> Gem has been compiled without font support.
> that I recieve when trying to use text3d object
> I know that thishave been discussed before on this list and the end
> point was tha implementation of thex under OSX is not finished.

i don't know know where you have heard this, but it is definitely wrong.

> I`d like to know if there is any version of gem available with text

see http://gem.iem.at
all "official" versions of Gem come with text support (afaik)

> support on OSX or is  it possible to compile it and if so then could
> someone help me with it as I have no idea how to compile it myself.

obivously it is possible to compile Gem, sice the devs do so ;-)

compiling a _basic_ Gem is as simple as:
installing the xcode tools.
checkout Gem
open a console, "cd Gem/src" and do "make"
(running "make" will run "aclocal", "autoconf", "./configure" and "make")
this however, will still give you no text-support. (but at least you
have managed to compile Gem; this is a good start)

to add text support you need freetype2 and FTGL; the latter is part of
to install freetype2 either get it from the web (afaik this is a
sourceforge probject) and compile+install it (according to the
documentation that comes with it)
the simpler way is, to install the freetype2 and freetype2-dev packages
via fink.
then compile and install FTGL (open the FTGL-project in
GemLibs/FTGL/mac, adapt to your paths and compile)

then run "./configure" in Gem/src (after running "aclocal" and
"autoconf" once!), probably with some paths to point to your
FTGL-installation (see "./configure --help")


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