[PD] Fwd: basic logic (AND OR) and control in PD

matthew venn puredata at mattvenn.net
Mon Jan 22 13:01:03 CET 2007

> welcome to the pd world :-)


> the helpfiles are in pd/extra (at least here incc my 0.40.0
> installation)

I did apt-get on ubuntu and got 0.39. I got another answer for online
docs and posted the link on the puredata.info site.

> > 2/- I have attached a patch that I'm sure can be optimised. It's
> > control logic for a loop sampler, and my questions are

> maybe you explain a bit more detailed, what you want to do. i have the
> feeling, that some of pd's priciples are not very clear to you. if i
> could help you with a specific example, it might be easier to explain
> for me / understand for you.

Cheers! I read section 2 of the PD docs on the train over the weekend,
so I feel I have things a little clearer now. What I am working to
achieve is a flexible interface for a loop sampler. I will be using a
foot pedal for live performances with PD.

So I want a bunch of buttons that do *multiple actions, depending on
the current state of the sampler*. So for example I gave:

* in stop mode, if I press the button we go to record/play mode
* in record/play mode, the button closes the loop and stops playback.

I will need a few different states, such as

* playing
* overdubbing
* stopped
* recording

that will be tied to 1 of a few different parallel samplers (probably
around 4).

Thanks for the help and welcome!


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