[PD] Fwd: basic logic (AND OR) and control in PD

robbert van hulzen robbert at performers.net
Tue Jan 23 09:50:10 CET 2007

we need teachers like you! ;)
i've been wondering about this: is the f+1 counter solution less expensive
than a tgl? or does the toggle only slow down screen redraws?
cheers, robbert
> Roman Haefeli wrote:

> hi matthew again
> i attached a small patch, that shows how i would implement the most
> simple 'state alternator'. if you want to make state switching dependent
> on other states, it might be helpfull to have a look at the helppatch of
> [&& ], [|| ], [== ] and such. with these objects, it should be possible
> to implement the logic you want to achieve.
> some random tips, that are important, when doing logic-stuff:
> * many objects with two inlets only send a 'result' to the outlet, when
> they're triggered by the left ('hot') inlet, whereas, if they get a
> message at their right ('cold') inlet, only their internal state is
> changed, but nothing is sent to the outlet. (Section 2.3.3 of the
> pd-html-manual is more detailed and might be interesting for you)
> * you should care about execution order. for example, when one outlet is
> connected to two inlets, the order of execution is *not* defined, or in
> other words: you don't know, which inlet gets the message first.
> therefore usually a [trigger]-object is inserted in between in order to
> avoid 'undefinedness' (have a look at the help of [trigger]).
> * read the section about the 'depth-first'-principle in pd (section
> 2.3.2).  
> i hope, that was not too 'teacherish' ;-)
> roman

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