[PD] [hid] - hid_get_events

Spencer Russell slothlove at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 08:03:40 CET 2007

Hey there List,
When I try to use hid, I get a flood of "hid_get_events" messages in
the PD console. It seems like the object is still working, but it
makes it difficult to use the console for any debugging. Something in
a patch that I haven't used in a while is crashing my system, so I'm
trying to track down suspects, and this seems like something is amiss.
I also get 16 copies of the message "evdev EVIOCGABS ioctl: Invalid
argument" in the xterm from which I launched PD as soon as I send the
object an [open 5( message. I'm using version 0.7 of HID, and saw the
error with several different versions of PD.


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