[PD] general libdir question

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jan 25 19:13:08 CET 2007

Georg Holzmann hat gesagt: // Georg Holzmann wrote:

> I just tried to use the latest Pd-extended for linux and have some 
> problems how to load libraries (e.g. iemmatrix):
> When I start Pd with
> pd -lib iemmatrix
> I get the following message in the console:
> "iemmatrix: can't load library"

I'm not using it, but from what I was told, -lib is the correct way to
load libdirs. Are you sure, you are running a version which supports
it? Maybe some other pd is called, like in /usr/local? What does "type
-a pd" say?

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