[PD] Pure Data on Linux (Debian) - what should I install?

Alexandre Quessy listes at sourcelibre.com
Fri Jan 26 05:42:13 CET 2007

Hi !
Quick answer :

sudo apt-get install puredata gem pd-zexy

This will install the bare minimum to at least play with pd.

Long answer :

Well, I am very satisfied with the latest pd-extended for Linux ! You
can try a pre-compiled version, and if some externals are broken with
your system, for some reason, then try to compile the whole thing
(installing the C libraries that are written in the developer section
of the puredata.org site). But give a chance to the precompiled
version ! You just need to type make install, or something : no C libs
needed !! (right? actually, i always compile it...)

Have fun,


2007/1/25, David Powers <cyborgk at gmail.com>:
> Hello everyone ...
> SO, I finally got Linux installed on an old laptop (Debian stable
> distribution). Or to be more precise, my girlfriend got it installed,
> and I sat around drinking beer, smoking spliffs, and telling her how
> great she was, while she recompiled the kernel.
> I would, of course, be interested in running Pure Data on the machine.
> (and maybe trying Desire Data too.) But here are some caveats:
> 1. It's an old PIII laptop. Not much memory, and no openGL for
> graphics, so no GEM I guess.
> 2. I have no f&*$ing clue what I'm doing yet, as far as compiling
> stuff and all that. My gf will try to help me though.
> Now, I would like to use PD, and maybe PD-extended (but page is down).
> So I'd like to get the group recommendation on which version to try
> for the simplest install with the most stuff working... My basic
> interests would include some of the basic libraries at least (cyclone,
> maxlib, zexy). I would also like to try PMPD, PDP, and GridFlow, but I
> don't know much about the last two. They will run without openGL,
> unlike GEM, right? Also, I'd like to get Percolate running, I guess
> I'll have to use the source code off the Planet CCRMA...
> Anyway, there seem to be millions of versions of stuff, including some
> Debian stable options, but as a total Linux newB it is hard to tell
> which I should use.
> The problem is compounded by the fact that right now, some sites are
> down, so I can't get some of the info need. Any advice would be
> greatly appreciated - I didn't find a quick answer through the
> archives, and I don't know how up to date such an answer would be
> anyway.
> Thanks in advance!!!
> ~David
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Alexandre Quessy

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