[PD] number boxes and GOP under Windows

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 27 08:12:41 CET 2007

Damian Stewart a écrit :
> Has anyone noticed some nasty performance issues over time running 
> patches with number boxes and GOP?
More widgets are used, more performances will decrease, the design of a 
patch could be an interesting topic...
> Number boxes seem to affect performance proportionately to how many 
> times they've changed
> Leaving a patch open that has multiple number boxes that change a few 
> times every second (for example bars:beats:ticks timer) for an hour or 
> more can sometimes bring my system to a grinding halt. Restarting PD 
> and reloading the patch usually fixes it.
We don't need to put a numberbox for each value for sighing a changing 
set of value, canvas could be used as well.
one numberbox could be used with some patch magick, I particulary use 
the zexy object [demux] for for using a single numbox to set a large 
bunch of parameters.
> This seems to exacerbated if the number boxes are within a GOP canvas, 
> and even more so if said GOP canvas is contained in another GOP canvas 
> (for example, a GOP VU inside a GOP preamp).
VU is dramatically a performance issue, but they could be replaced by 
lighter objects, like canvas and sliders.


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