[PD] Question about vline~

Thomas Mayer thomas at dergrossebruder.org
Sat Jan 27 16:20:04 CET 2007


Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> Thomas Mayer hat gesagt: // Thomas Mayer wrote:
>> I have a question about the non-left inlets of vline~. If I read the
>> help patches right, then the right input of [line] is grain rate, so I
>> suppose the same applies to [line~]. [vline~] has three inlets, so I
>> also suppose that one of those is grain rate. What is the other one?
> It's the initial "predelay", that is, the third optional element of a
> list sent to vline~'s first inlet. If you for example add a number box
> to the [vline~] object in the help patch and set this to 2000, then a
> message [1 1000( sent to the first inlet will ramp to 1, but with a
> two second delay.
> This works only one time. A following message wil start immediatly
> again.

Thanks for this answer.

cu Thomas
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