[PD] general libdir question

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Sun Jan 28 17:45:08 CET 2007


>>> Sounds like you are using an 0.40 version of Pd-extended.  The libdir 
>>> stuff was converted to use Thomas Grill's loader functionality, so 
>>> you have to load the "libdir" lib before you can load any libdirs.  
>>> This same libdir.pd_linux binary will also work with vanilla Pd >= 0.40.

It still does not work as it should:

it works not, if I start
pd -lib libdir -lib iemmatrix
then I can use e.g. [mtx_add], but I get the following message on the 
	libdir_loader: added iemmatrix to the global classpath
	This is deprecated behavior.

Okay, but when I start pd -lib libdir and then make an [import 
iemmatrix] I get the message:
	libdir_loader: added iemmatrix to the canvas-local path
	[import] loaded library: iemmatrix
but I cannot use [mtx_add], only [iemmatrix/mtx_add]

(and the same with other libraries, not only iemmatrix ...)

So do you know what I should try to debug this ?

One other small thing: if I create a [zexy/niagara] object for example, 
I can then also create a [niagara] object - is this normal ?


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