[PD] edit or play mode information

robbert van hulzen robbert at performers.net
Mon Jan 29 14:19:46 CET 2007

thanks. i don't think i fully understand your reply, but i'm also not sure
whether this is what i need: i'm not looking for simpler and / or more
flexible ways to control mode & cursor movement.
i'm looking for a way to make a keyboard action 'conditional': hitting the
spacebar should have no effect in edit mode, and perform certain things (to
be hooked up per version of the 'motherpatch' that i base patches for
specific pieces on ... at least that's the plan ;) ) when in play mode. so
i'm looking for a way to get the information about status mode from pd,
which i'll then attempt to have control a spigot or sth similar.
i'd be happy if someone could point me to a solution--maybe simply a search
term for the list archives? searching on mode status, edit mode and similar
wasn't very satisfying.
thanks, robbert

> Sorry, I left the list out on my earlier reply...
> I have used:
> [x]
> |
> [pd-subpatch editmode $1(
> Instead of Ctl-E, and then the same toggle can be used to tell the
> patch whether editmode is on for the subpatch.  I have my sequencer
> score set up so that hitting E once lets go of the note-cursor and
> enters edit mode; hitting E again leaves edit mode but leaves the
> note-cursor unattached to the mouse; and hitting Q at any point binds
> the note-cursor to the mouse.  Of course Ctl-E still works, but in my
> patch there's no reason not to have just E enter editmode- it only
> works when that subpatch is active.
> -Chuckk

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