[PD] number boxes and GOP under Windows

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Jan 29 18:53:40 CET 2007

On Jan 27, 2007, at 2:12 AM, Patco wrote:

> Damian Stewart a écrit :
>> Has anyone noticed some nasty performance issues over time running  
>> patches with number boxes and GOP?
> More widgets are used, more performances will decrease, the design  
> of a patch could be an interesting topic...
>> Number boxes seem to affect performance proportionately to how  
>> many times they've changed
>> Leaving a patch open that has multiple number boxes that change a  
>> few times every second (for example bars:beats:ticks timer) for an  
>> hour or more can sometimes bring my system to a grinding halt.  
>> Restarting PD and reloading the patch usually fixes it.
> We don't need to put a numberbox for each value for sighing a  
> changing set of value, canvas could be used as well.
> one numberbox could be used with some patch magick, I particulary  
> use the zexy object [demux] for for using a single numbox to set a  
> large bunch of parameters.
>> This seems to exacerbated if the number boxes are within a GOP  
>> canvas, and even more so if said GOP canvas is contained in  
>> another GOP canvas (for example, a GOP VU inside a GOP preamp).
> VU is dramatically a performance issue, but they could be replaced  
> by lighter objects, like canvas and sliders.

A quick fix is to use a [mapping/resample 100], which will just  
output every 100ms.  You probably can't read numbers faster than  
every 100ms, and that will reduce the amount a redraws a lot.  AFAIK,  
the GUI objects try to draw everything they receive, even if it's  
every 1ms.  Almost all screens refresh every 10-17ms (60-100Hz), so  
it's useless to update the number box anymore than that.

IMHO opinion, this should be built into the GUI objects.  They should  
only update at most every 10ms, or maybe it would be possible to get  
the screen refresh rate via Tcl/Tk and set it according to that.


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