[PD] DSP loops

Kim Taylor kimoni at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 12:24:52 CET 2007

Hi again all
I'm having a bit of trouble putting my program together. I'm trying to
implement a series of object blocks that form the synthesis framework, up
until now everything's been ok.
My problem is that on the top level of the program, I'm trying to connect
the blocks together, but the configurations I desire involve feedback and
result in "error: DSP loop detected (some tilde objects not scheduled)"
I know send~ and receive~ can be used to overcome this, also throw~ and
catch~ if I'm not mistaken. However I can't use these as they result in a
fixed length time-delay. Normally this wouldn't matter so much, however as
my synthesis technique relies almost fundamentally on very small delays (I'm
implementing digital waveguide synthesis) this fixed delay time makes a huge

I'm not terribly experienced with Pd, has anyone been in a similar situation
and care to share some experience? The only way I can think of overcoming
the DSP loop problem is to use a delread~ and delwrite~ to complete the
loop, setting the delay time to 0 and setting the level sampling block size
to 1. However this seems a very roundabout way of doing it and not ideal,
especially for the top level of the program!

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