Sound on Sound Article (was: [PD] "Universal" synth editor)

Kyle Klipowicz kyleklip at
Tue Jan 30 16:38:37 CET 2007

Great article, Adam!

I especially like the bit at the beginning:

"So if you yearn for an electromagnetic catapult that flings jelly at
the audience every time you rattle your tambourine, or a USB incense
burner which radiates progressively stronger smells as the temperature
in the church hall rises, Pure Data can help you achieve this!"


On 1/30/07, adam armfield <adamairmailed at> wrote:
> --- Kyle Klipowicz <kyleklip at> wrote:
> > Did you ever post a link to your Pd article on the
> > list? I'd very much
> > like to read it!
> here you are:
> this one includes a bit of a grammatical nasty in the
> first sentence... (is instead of are)... the editor
> put it in, I'm actually a very good writer ;-)
> all the best
> adam
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