[PD] Re: DSP loops

Kim Taylor kimoni at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 20:24:12 CET 2007

> By the way, Kim, could you tell me what the feedback loop is?  (what
> kinds of operations are you using?.... is it linear?...etc...)  If
> it's linear, you should be able to replace the feedback loop with an
> equivalent operation, which circumvents the whole problem.

The structure I am implementing is basically a modified model of the
structure shown on this page -

I have this model working (by using a delay with length 0 and
blocksize set to 1), if you're interested it's here
(unzip to folder, open 1-Ddwg-2g.pd)

However I now need to integrate this with other modules on a higher
level (this is just a simple component). The idea is that the delay
line is bi-directional, and at the terminations they always form
loops, so as far as I can see it can't be implemented without it...

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