[PD] DSP loops

Peter Worth peterworth2 at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 30 17:56:50 CET 2007

one option is to write an external that deals with this section of the patch...

On 30/01/07, Kim Taylor <kimoni at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi again all
> I'm having a bit of trouble putting my program together. I'm trying to
> implement a series of object blocks that form the synthesis framework, up
> until now everything's been ok.
> My problem is that on the top level of the program, I'm trying to connect
> the blocks together, but the configurations I desire involve feedback and
> result in "error: DSP loop detected (some tilde objects not scheduled)"
> I know send~ and receive~ can be used to overcome this, also throw~ and
> catch~ if I'm not mistaken. However I can't use these as they result in a
> fixed length time-delay. Normally this wouldn't matter so much, however as
> my synthesis technique relies almost fundamentally on very small delays (I'm
> implementing digital waveguide synthesis) this fixed delay time makes a huge
> difference.
> I'm not terribly experienced with Pd, has anyone been in a similar situation
> and care to share some experience? The only way I can think of overcoming
> the DSP loop problem is to use a delread~ and delwrite~ to complete the
> loop, setting the delay time to 0 and setting the level sampling block size
> to 1. However this seems a very roundabout way of doing it and not ideal,
> especially for the top level of the program!
> Cheers
> Kim
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