[pd] gui redraw improved by holding down a random key

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jan 30 23:11:52 CET 2007

Malte Steiner hat gesagt: // Malte Steiner wrote:

> I wonder if its possible to optimize the underlaying TK TCL without much 
>  effort like rewriting parts of pd. I mean just by tweaking some config 
> files. Is there a TK TCL Shell out which uses OpenGL or other hardware 
> acceleration?

Usually all 2D-operations already are hardware accelerated on any card
that is newer than, say, seven or eight years. ;) 

> I encounter few audio dropouts while tweaking polygons of datastructs, 
> apart from it the GUI runs well but I would like to use more of the 
> structs abd their graphical representation.

The problem is that there's too much communication going on between
the main Pd process and the GUI at times.  Matju is trying a fix with
DesireData, a temporaty solution is inside of Pd since I think 0.37
where Miller introduced throttling for some GUI objects. 

But the simple fix still isn't enough as everyone can easily see by
moving around two or three active [vu] objects. Or by playing with
lots of data structures visible. (Hidden data structures are fine,

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