[PD] array arrow test7

Echo Ho pidi at echoho.at
Wed Jan 31 00:37:54 CET 2007

hallo pidier
i'm using Core 2 Duo mac book , and i don't know if the flowing  
problem is a os x  (10.39 pd 0.39.2 extended test 7 or not:

it doesn't load to array properly, when a sound file is longer than 2  
Message | read  -resize -maxsize le+08   |

error: soundfiler_read: truncated to 4000000 elements
warning: array array1: clearing save-in-patch flag
error: usage: read [flags] filename tablename...
flags: -skip <n> -nframes <n> -resize -maxsize <n> ...
-raw <headerbytes> <channels> <bytespersamp> <endian (b, l, or n)>.

it works with a old extended version on G4...
;-( is there any tip for me?

  (\   /)
  [- . - 猫earweego_sonicvision

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