[PD] Gemwin as Capture Driver to use in other software

Peter Forde smokemorecrack at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 31 16:59:49 CET 2007

Hello List,

Is it possible to export the gemwin to other software in real-time. It seems 
to there are other softwares that can screen record and send this on such as 
Softcam, this uses up too much CPU and is highhly unstable. I just need 
another programme on the same machine to accept gem's output as an input..

Is it possible to turn it into a capture driver. If this was so the other 
software might recognise it.
I need to be able to run Pd through another resolume so that in a live 
environment I can jump between one setup and the other without effecting the 
2nd display's output.

I am running on WinXP and Pd extended 38.2.

Thanks a lot.

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