[PD] Re: PD-list Digest, Vol 22, Issue 109

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Feb 1 09:20:14 CET 2007

robbert van hulzen hat gesagt: // robbert van hulzen wrote:

> thanks very much for all the replies! and frank, thanks for the patch--i'm
> enjoying your help a lot.
> it's working now with steffen & hc's
> [r pd-patchname.pd]
> |
> [route editmode]
> |
> [nbx]
> there's something i don't get though. i mapped capslock to [;pd-patch.pd
> editmode $1( (good idea there).

Acutally I intended to express a different idea though: Peter doesn't
use Caps_lock to switch to edit mode. Instead certain keys are mapped
to performance functions, but only if caps_lock is active. If
caps_lock is not pressed these keys do their usual thing.

> now, when i [pack] the [keyname] and float to [route Caps_Lock] as
> well as in a simpler patch, the float gets 'inversed': a 1 from the
> [keyname] becomes a 0 and vice versa. no problem, but i don't get
> why this is. patch below. i'm curious, any ideas?

That's an execution order bug in your patch: By crossing the
connection of the upper keyname you also inverted the execution order.
Now every key-name from the right outlet will be packed with the
number from the left keyname-outlet that was active the one step before! 

If you want to [route] by key-name, you need to pack name and state,
but in reverse order, that is, make "Caps_Lock 1" out of "1

Normally one would use [swap] for this, but [swap] only works for
floats. But you can use [list prepend] here much the same, just don't
forget to [list trim] the result befor you want to use it in [route

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