[PD] specific questions on Gem

Johannes Eckart Johannes-Eckart at gmx.at
Thu Feb 1 12:26:22 CET 2007

hello community of Pure Data!

My name is Johannes Eckart, comming originally from Salzburg-Austria and at the moment studying in Paris handcraft-arts. In my free-time and also for practical reasons in my study, i started working on Pure-Data and its library Gem. i already learned all the basics and i´m feeling quite well with the program.
but actually i am a beginner, so i have many questions!! but one after another...
for today i just want to pose a question on Gem:
i want to design lines and curbes in a Gem-window. the difficulty is, that i want to draw this lines by giving the coordinates directly to the path. maybe for better understanding: i want to create a circle, but he must not appear immediately. he must be drawn like with a pencil.
i hope that somebody can send me maybe an already existing path or some explanation on how to solve this problem!
i am very glad to be in this mailing-list and hope to give and get many answers!
thank you,
Johannes Eckart

P.S.: as i am new, please tell me, when my netiquette is not correct :)
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