[PD] makefile

europa989 at aol.com europa989 at aol.com
Thu Feb 1 20:17:26 CET 2007

hi, if this is too dumb a question on my part, then dont bother. i 
currently have this random version of linux on a computer. I got PD on 
it, though it has issues opening GEm (its pd-extended, probably newest 
version, got it like 4 days ago or less). I downloaded Gem from that 
IEM website and read instructions for installing the GEM folder. It 
said a lot of stuff by running the makefile and makeauxlibs out of the 
source folder. I found these files. (I also have gcc if thats of help). 
I was wondering what to do. I've like clicked these makefile and 
makeauxlibs files and I don't know if that's supposed to do anything, I 
can't tell if it did. I've never done this make thing before and I dont 
understand how it works. Pointing to a solution elsewhere on the 
internet that describes this stuff or some aid would help much. thanks
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