[PD] Live Apectrum Analyzer

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Thu Feb 1 21:08:29 CET 2007

> So, for now, I'd ask for some specific objects:
> How can I split lists of audio data, as [snapshot~] only outputs the
> first value?

if you mean turn them into lists of floats from a signal, theres unpack~, drip, and similar. you probably want an intermediary table anyways, to eg use a logarithmic index for the tabread of the frequency bin.. therefore you can proably bypass the need for drip~/unpack with a tabwrite~/tabread. 

also you coan likely do it all in signal domain, for speed reasons..

> The 4.fft.examples folders from CVS is empty, and the help for fft~ is
> not really helpful. Is there any help for tweaking [fft~] available,
> e.g. setting window size (in frequency domain)?

there is no perfect window size. for the perfect looking spectrogram you proabbly want several window sizes at once, one for the low freqs, and one for the higher ones, and combine them into a single image. 

but someting like 512 or 1024 samples will proably work to start with, unless you need nice bass resolution

> Is there a pdp/pidip object that can put a picture in a desired position
> on a pdp window?

can you treat a 1 x 1024 'grid' as a PDP pix? if so maybe thats even faster than signal ops. especially if theres GPU acceleration..

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