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Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Fri Feb 2 17:08:29 CET 2007

David Powers a écrit :
> What do you mean by noises?
A noise is usually a sound that is not elegant enough for being 
considerated in a pretty composition unless it's concrete music, or 
maybe electroacoustic music, from my own point of view.
Playing an image would obviously go into the nodal point of view, in all 
senses of the word.
> Metasynth and Coagula (a free program that
> does this on winXP) both make a lot of interesting sounds, of which
> "noise" would only by one potential.
They both make interesting sounds indeed, but at the end we don't really 
feel the relation between the image and the sound, it's like taking a 
synth a touching all the buttons until a cool sound comes out.
> If you really wanted to avoid noise, however, it would be even more
> trivial, however, to produce MIDI output (or some melodic type of
> output), than to synthesize based on the material. For instance, the
> first idea I imagine is that one could take the RGB values from each
> vertical column,
I've given a little try, it's attached

> and turn them into some kind of three part
> counterpoint.
Okay, this is interesting.
 How can we proceed for building a counterpoint from RGB and grey level 

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