[PD] pdp in os x 10.4.7 / pd-extended 0.39.2

Daniel Arcé da at ringer.ca
Fri Feb 2 18:23:41 CET 2007

I'm trying to use pdp in os x 10.4.7 with pd-extended 0.39.2 (hc's version).

My goal is to create a simple video window using pdp_xv, but I'm met with
the error:

pdp_xv: autocreate window
pdp_xv: cant open display :0

same with pdp_glx.

Here are more details about my situation:

I needed to install x11 from the Tiger cd. This solved the missing library
problems. X11 now says it is "X11 1.1.1 - XFree86 4.4.0"

I launched pd-extended by 1) clickin on it, and 2) from the xterm window
via "open Pd-extended.app". The problem is the same either way.

PD launches with the smallest of complaints, notably:

pdp_text : severe error : could not load default font : no rendering !!!

I found some source code floating around. It seems that the error comes
from this method:

   font = imlib_load_font(DEFAULT_FONT);
   if ( !font )
      post( "pdp_text : severe error : could not load default font : no
rendering !!!" );
   imlib_context_set_font( font );

I found the code in a google cache, so I don't know if it's current or what:

Anyhow, all that to say that I went to that directory, and there are a
number of .TTF files in it. For some reason DEFAULT_FONT is returning

So my question again: How can I get pdp_xv to work on os x? Is the message
"no rendering !!!" linked to my problem?

I can create windows with GEM, but pdp falls on my desk.

Any ideas?


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