[PD] Data structure loop selection

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Sat Feb 3 21:53:21 CET 2007


ah you are trying to create an object inside a subpatch, right (scripting)?
Then the correct syntax would be:

[obj 10 10 table(
[s pd-1_table]

where "1_table" is the name of a subpatch, so i am not sure if you are 
to append the suffix ".pd"
10 10 is the X and Y position of the object.

There are some docs online about pd-scripting:



raul diaz wrote:
> Hi!
> Hi, did you try "table" instead of "array"?
>> AFAIK, array is just the GUI-variant of "table"...
> Either "table" or "array" doesn't work.
> I use the next scheme:
> |table(
> |
> |s pd-1_table.pd|
> I don't know why!?

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