[PD] xYzee! - an audio toy for PD

alberto.zin at poste.it alberto.zin at poste.it
Sun Feb 4 01:53:34 CET 2007

- Name - xYzee!
- Purpose - Audio pattern generation
- Desc. - 2 voices Synth/sequencer 
- Status - v 0.9999999.
- Home - https://puredata.info/Members/AlbertoZ/xYzee/ 
- Cost - 2 kudos :-)

Longer Description:
xYzee! is a small instrument for PD that 
generates 2-voices random/deterministic melodic patterns.
It uses the powerful "bassemu" external as the main 
audio engine. A message-based sequencer drives
the pattern generation and effects (multi-tap and
reverb) are added at the end of the chain.  
Scale mapping is part of the game, nearly 50 scales
are in!.

Grab xYzee! together with docs, samples of the presets
at the following address:


Unpack the archive wherever you want and
open XYZ_main.pd. Turn on the audio of PD and
set the volume in the patch.
Note: you need cyclone library for the phase scope.

Note for Mac OSX users: unfortunately xYzee! will not work
for you (yet). It is based on bassemu and 
I was only able to compile it for Windows and for Linux,
since I don't have any OSX near me. 
If you want to contribute
with a bassemu.pd_darwin you are welcome!  

I don't really know how useful is this patch.
Probably, at the end, it is just an exercise.
Anyway I enjoyed coding it since, with some tweaking
I got interesting (at least for me) sounds. 
Thats all folks! Any feedback is welcome. 

Have fun,

Alberto Zin


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