[PD] difference between protocol

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Sun Feb 4 18:07:11 CET 2007

> do you mean OSC could some headers in the bundles for exemple?

exactly ... osc adds information and can transport various different
data types (see http://opensoundcontrol.org/spec-1_0 for details)

> or multiple messages could be send in the same bundles? ...

exactly ... if you need tight triggering of messages, this is
crucial ...

> otherwise from what Kevin wrote a difference could that OSC could be
> used in different softwre to communicate with each others and
> netsend/receive is only for PD... right?

you can use netsend/receives with every other software, that can open a
network socket (like netcat) ... 
osc is far more powerful, though ...

cheers ... tim

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