[PD] mootcher external <- freesound

patrick patrick at 11h11.com
Mon Feb 5 01:02:40 CET 2007

hi all,

everybody knows http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/ right? there's an external 
(using flext) called mootcher:

"The Mootcher is a opensource programming library which makes it possible to 
make a connection to The Freesound Project audio database in your own 
programs. Download, view properties and play the sounds. With the 
possibility to do 'advanced' searches and the ability to search similar 
sounds on freesound." Developed by Jorn Lemon (http://www.twistedlemon.nl/).

this external was working perfectly on windows and linux a year ago. but 
right now, it's broken and jorn is too busy (working $) to fix it. maybe 
someone will want to fix it... i contacted Jorn and he told me what to look:

"I beleive the problem at the moment is that the cUrl library doesn't load 
any pages anymore for some reason. That is why it already stops working at 
the login, because it has to check whether the login and pass are correct.".

the source (all GNU LGPL):


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