[PD] Live Apectrum Analyzer

robbert van hulzen robbert at performers.net
Mon Feb 5 19:43:19 CET 2007

there's also praat: http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/ (also accessable
through http://www.praat.org)
i have no experience with it myself, but from what i've heard (from
musicologists) it's great.

tapestrea looks amazing (from the demo video), not because of the
visualisation (which i'm not too interested in) but because of the sound
possibilities. thanks for the link. carmen's idea [licker] sounds great too,
but may be a bit over my head computer scientifically...


> http://whats-your.name/i/licker.png is what i use , sure it uses more CPU than
> a C implementation, but its more flexible, and you can plug it in anywhere in
> your patch..

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