[PD] graphical possibilities in GEM

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Tue Feb 6 12:37:45 CET 2007

Johannes Eckart a écrit :
> hello community!
> 1.)thank you very much for your help on creating lines and curbes in Gem! I modified the path sent by erich berger and got nearly what i wanted ;) i will work on...
> also thanks to patrick: i obtained to draw with the mouse in Gemwin, the only problem is, that the line dosn´t really follow the cursor of the mouse...well, also still some work.
> 2.)as i am preparing a project with PD and Gem, i would like to ask about the graphical possibilities. Maybe, it´s a stupid question, but can anybody send me some examples or patches, what Gem is able to create? I am still at the beginning of working with Gem but some help would accelerate my knowledge.
have you looked at all the patch / video send to this list, or to all Gem exemple?
there is already lot's of stuff online.

> 3.)One specific question: is there any possibility to work with fractals or the formulas of them on Gem? maybe any patches exist already? any hint would be great for me!!!
i think the best way would be to use shader. you can load a shader with the glsl exemple. you can find exemples on how to create a fractal with glsl 
with google.
by exemple :


> Thanks a lot for your help!
> Johannes

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