[PD] pdp/pidip w/ raw1394 on Linux? Can Gem help?

John Harrison john.harrison at wichita.edu
Mon Feb 5 22:36:05 CET 2007

We have a great firewire camera that works well with dvgrab and kino to 
capture images on our Dapper box...but we can't get it to work w/ 
pdp/pidip. We were thinking to use coriander but coriander says the 
camera doesn't have the right specs. Then we tried using Gem, thinking 
we could then use the gem2pdp object to get it into pdp...but there is 
no help we could find for pix_video to figure out how to use that object 
and simple trial and error hasn't gotten us far...we aren't experienced 
with Gem, which isn't helping.

If we could find a way to convert from the raw1394 to video for linux, 
then our problems would be solved.

Any ideas?


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