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> cheers denis, thanks for your replies.  i want to get something that
> does the same job as the shaper filter in the k2000 synth....but from
> reading a bit, i still don't have too much idea, but i think that
> maybe it's just a combination of a waveshaper and a filter.

The Kawai K2000, K5 and K5000 are all "additive" synthesisers. They are not
real additive synthesisers with discrete oscillators, but employ the closed
form method for a harmonic series using a trigonometric identity. It is the
tweaking of those input parameters that creates the filter-like effect. 
I don't think the k5/2000 have any real filters at all, maybe in the K5000
which has an architecture a bit like

[oscillator bank]
[post filter]

But those filters are pretty weak, simple remedial filters to top and
tail the spectrum. The real spectra shaping happens early in the chain,
(there's a group of envelopes that set the levels of the initial partials)
 rather than later as per traditional subtractive synths.

> i will read more.
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